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Academic Aesthetic S2 Ep 7

countbooks01.JPGIn today’s episode I do not cry.


Academic Aesthetic S2 Ep 5

2013-11-21 10.14.08Today’s episode includes bonus segments of my wife blowing her nose and our cat meowing.

Academic Aesthetic S2 Ep 4

HPIM2282It’s our one week anniversary!  … and you thought I forgot…

Academic Aesthetic S2 Ep 3

2010-07-12 20.29.00

Short show, but hey I’m still keeping to my schedule!


Academic Aesthetic S2 Ep 2

TIE_badge_180 - CopyLooks like this may be a 3x per week show.  We’ll see.

Show notes:

I am definitely looking for feedback and/or submissions for the show.  You can leave them as comments here or post them to my Tumblr account (anonymous posts do not require an account).

Academic Aesthetic S2 Ep 1

Decided to get back to my roots and start podcasting again.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up, as it certainly is fun to do.

Since it’s been so long, I decided to start back at Episode 1.  All the old stuff will remain on here as “Season 1.”  Long live Season 2!

Show Notes:

As this is my first episode in a very long time I am definitely looking for feedback and/or submissions for the show.  You can leave them as comments here or post them to my Tumblr account (anonymous posts do not require an account).

Paper Laptop

Due to reasons beyond my control, I won’t be anywhere near the internet for most of this Thursday.  In fact, I won’t even be in the same state.

Naturally, the first thing I thought of was the first grade kids I had been planning to teach!

Now, most of them are able to log in on their own, but most is not the same thing as all. I could have them do an online lesson, but instead I pulled out a project I had my students do a few years ago back when I didn’t have a computer lab to call my own.

With some construction paper, a little glue, and some markers/crayons/colored pencils, we’ll be making our own laptops.  The point of the lesson will be to talk about how computers are used to communicate with others online.  The end result will be a neat toy laptop to call their own.

You can do the lesson too, if you want.  the .pdf file with the instructions is here, and the printable keyboard template (2/page) is here.

Academic Aesthetic 177: 404 VOICE NOT FOUND

This episode of Academic Aesthetic is brought to you by antibiotics and  cough drops.  You see, early last week a combination of lots of talking (occupational hazard of teaching), and post nasal drip caused by a sinus infection made me lose my voice.  It’s better now, but can only talk so long before my agonized squeaks become a source of amusement for all around me.

So submitted for your approval is an interview of me done by Dr. Kavita Mittapalli, someone whose name I most likely just mispronounced horribly so I won’t try to say it again.

The good Doctor visited one of my 1st grade classes last week, before the whole AWOL voice incident, and recorded a conversation with me afterwards.  I rambled on, and then made the bad decision of requesting a copy of the interview.

And I still haven’t learned, as I’m now making another bad decision and playing it for you.  Enjoy.

Academic Aesthetic 172: Minecraft Lesson Video

This is  a brief overview of Minecraft Classic (, how I related it to my curriculum, and some student examples.

Apologies for the size of the download (Nearly 50 MB, ouch!), but I unfortunately couldn’t make it smaller without losing a lot of the quality.  Video is like that.

Academic Aesthetic 169

Moving right along.  In today’s ‘cast, I ramble on about:

  • My county’s Sharing Technology with Educators Program, or S.T.E.P.
  • My new favorite Android App (still), AndRecorder, which I keep calling “AndRecord” because long names are abbreviated below my little phone icons.
  •, because it’s free and awesome.
  •, because it as well is free and awesome.
  • Frames, because while it is not free, it is still awesome.
  • A rant against looking for things because they “work in the classroom.”  That’s great if we’re preparing our students for spending the rest of their lives in our classrooms, but there’s that “real world” thing going on outside.  Getting something to work in the classroom is good and necessary, but we should be finding and using things that will work outside of our classrooms as well as in them.