Mr. Warlick has had some wonderful commentary about the new literacy in his blog and in his podcasts. Long story short: old literacy = reading & writing, but new literacy = reading, writing, instant messaging, blogging, wikis, and any other way modern technology uses language nowadays. It’s important to stress the new literacy because it involves skills used in the “real world” but not skills that are traditionally taught in the classroom. Does this catch your interest? Great! While you let David Warlick’s pages load…Continue Reading “The New Literacy and Art”

[EDIT: I’ve moved this mp3 file to and changed the link to match the new location.] Number 5 is alive!. This episode, expect to hear… Students like being on both sides of the camera – it can spice up almost any lesson. Students who teach more learn more, so put them in teaching situations. History According to Bob – a great series of podcasts delivered in bite sized chunks of goodness. This is one of those sites that should always rank higher than me…Continue Reading “5th Podcast – 6th Grade Videos and Bob”

[EDIT: I’ve moved this mp3 file to and changed the link to match the new location.] I always wanted to go fourth. Ok, bad puns aside here’s this podcast’s breakdown: Art Teachers are (technology) people, too. Look, I CAN be tech support! Is all it’s cracked up to be? How many times can I say .com when I meant to say .org? This episode’s music is “A Casual Emergency” by Paul Reller I’m also probably going to be plugging my favorite podcasters in…Continue Reading “4th Podcast – steps forward and back.”

Boy, is my face red – Steve Dembo plugged my site in his podcast again, and I didn’t know about it until just now due to a half gigabyte backlog of podcasts to which I’ve been meaning to listen. (Curse you, Leo Laporte!) Thanks, Steve – your comments really made my day (In addition to today’s first grade ceramics project … more on that later.) If you aren’t listening to / reading teach42, then you should. How else will you hear people saying nice things…Continue Reading “Relatively Famous (Again)”

[EDIT: I’ve moved this mp3 file to and changed the link to match the new location.]I just keep cranking these out, don’t I? This time I have a few corrections / clarifications from my last podcast, as well as a very important question. The question is: why do those of you that return to this page come back? what is it about this site that you like and you would like to see more of? What would you like to see less of? Ok,…Continue Reading “3rd Podcast – Corrections and Questions”

[EDIT: I’ve moved this mp3 file to and changed the link to match the new location.]Looks like I didn’t learn my lesson – here’s my second podcast in all it’s glory! (And it’s a day early, no less!) It’s much shorter this time, so it only came to 12.3 MB. It also looks like practice makes perfect. I still flub things here and there, but I heard fewer “ums” and unintelligible dialogue this time around. This time through I stuck to my notes, discussing…Continue Reading “2nd Podcast”

I’ve been wanting to move this site onto it’s own dedicated server for a while now, which for me involves getting working versions of Linux and Apache on a clunky 6 year old Compaq and combining that with a high speed connection.A while back I tried Linspire (Formerly Lindows). The installer hung up every time. Then I got my hands on a copy of Simply MEPIS. It would boot, but the GUI wouldn’t load well and I’m not enough of a tech person too do…Continue Reading “Linux, me, and the 1 to 1 ratio.”

So if you feel moved to do so, you can vote for me there. They ask for an email address for verification purposes, but you can use a throw-away one if you feel especially paranoid.At the time I’m writing this I’m ranked #21 out of 51 Educational podcasts, but that’s with a single vote so any support would be greatly appreciated. (However, if you find a podcast there that you like more I would not feel insulted if you vote for that instead.)

[EDIT: I’ve moved this mp3 file to and changed the link to match the new location.]Once again I’m bandwagon jumping, but now I present to you my first audio rambling in all it’s glory! (Just click in the little icon to get it.) I’m not sure how many of these I’ll be able to fit on this server before moving them over to (This one’s 26.3 meg! Ouch!), but as I only have high speed at school and our firewalls here block’s…Continue Reading “My first podcast!”

That’s right, analog. Just because you can go digital doesn’t mean you should go digital with everything. No, I’m not one of those people who still only listens to records because I think they sound nicer, but analog does have it’s benefits. I decided to write about this after reading about a study where technology was found to have no positive impact on student performance. In fact, the study said they did better if they didn’t have computers. Shocking, I know. As a culture, educators…Continue Reading “In defense of analog.”