What I intend to do this Summer*

  • Take more photos.
  • Clean my apartment more thoroughly than ever before.  (Vampires shouldn’t sparkle, but that kitchen counter WILL, so help me…)
  • Write that children’s book that’s been in my head for 4 years.
  • Write that other book that’s been in my head for 2 years.
  • Get a working draft of that board game design I’ve been toying with.
  • Make more shirts.
  • Lose more weight.
  • Make fewer lists of things I intend to do.

*Assuming I don’t get sidetracked by 50 million other things like I always do.

By theartguy

Aaron Smith is a Media Arts & Technology Teacher who spends most of his time on computers. In his free time he plays video games, edits videos, and misses his wife dearly.

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