I promised to have this uploaded before I crashed for the night – looks like I got to keep my promise. This is the audio from my presentation at this year’s MICCA conference. Forgive me if I keep things brief as I’m quite wiped by the experience of these past two days. A pdf version of my PowerPoint, including a special bonus slide at the end, is available here. Yes, I really do mention David Warlick that often. It’s only because he does so much…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic 159: Podcasting Tips and Tricks”

My presentation went very well – perhaps too well, since I kept answering questions and helping people out until the session after mine was over – along with half of lunch. As I said before, that’s not exactly a complaint. I’m happy to help. I was a few minutes late coming to Will Richardson‘s last session of the day, which I’ve (sort of) seen before. I say “sort of” because like any good presenter he revises his presentations to keep them current. Last year, Ustream.tv…Continue Reading “Podcasting and more with Will Richardson”