Blogging & Netcasting Workshop

Below is the virtual handout for any blogging or podcasting netcasting workshops that I may happen to give from time to time. I have them formatted so that if you really want to print them out you’ll still be able to tell where each link leads.

Blogs & Podcasts Netcasts in Education

PowerPoint Presentation File

The Basics: (Use these sites to learn more about the basics of edu-blogging.)

“Must Read” Blogs: (I read a lot more than this, but these are the “big 3.”)

Great Student Blogs:

Blog for free with: (These services are used by teachers around the world!)

  • Class Blogmeister: (The safest for students.)
  • Blogger: (Most customizable.)
  • EduBlogs: (Great for teachers.)
  • VOX: (Blog, file hosting, and good privacy control.)
  • WordPress: (Like EduBlogs, but for anyone.)

Keep track of blogs with: (My favorite tools for checking blogs – and more!)

  • Bloglines: (Checks blogs for updates for you.)
  • Hitchhikr: (See who’s blogging about a conference.)
  • Technorati: (See who’s writing about you.)

Find edu- podcasts netcasts with:

  • EPN Web:
  • iTunes:

Create free podcasts netcasts with:

  • Audacity:

Free podcast netcast hosting with:

Free photo hosting with: