PowerPoint Workshop

The following are resources from my “Make PowerPoint Look Good” workshop.

You can see my actual Good PowerPoint Design PowerPoint here.

Make PowerPoint Look Good!

(…because friends don’t let friends use bad design)

The Bottom Line:

  • What is the purpose of your presentation?
  • Don’t do anything that detracts from that.
  • That’s it.

6x6x6 Rule:

  • Not really evil.
  • 6 lines of text/slide.
  • 6 words/line.
  • 6 seconds to understand.

Color Scream Scheme:

  • Pick a color scheme with high contrast.
  • Keep those colors for the whole thing.

Animations and Sound:

  • Does it improve the quality of the slide?
  • Does it support the main idea?
  • If no, then don’t use it.


  • Transitions spice up a presentation.
  • PowerPoint provides a wide variety of them.
  • There’s a strong temptation to use all of them.

Image Resources:

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