I started this website many years ago, on different software and a now unavailable web host, because a graduate class I was taking required us to make a simple website with static HTML code and I couldn’t be bothered to do it. It wasn’t because I was lazy, but because I already knew static HTML code and I wanted to try something  challenging.

Since then, it’s moved twice. Once, painfully, to Blogger, then again, easily, to WordPress. I’ve hosted images here and elsewhere. For some of my older posts, I still probably need to go back and fix the images that were on now-defunct image hosting services.

I’ve posted randomly, weekly, three days a week, and daily. The schedule has changed so often. It’ll change again before too long.

This has always been a place where I’ve posted any and all thoughts I’ve had about art, education and technology. If that’s what you came to see, great. If not, I’m sorry.

I’ve dabbled in podcasting, both with video and audio, but writing long and short form blog posts seems to be the thing I keep coming back to do. Podcasting solo content that is entertaining is more difficult than writing it, for some reason.

I’ve never had a co-writer. If you see it here, it’s either from me or I’ve been hacked. (If it’s a post about pharmaceuticals, assume hacking was involved.)