Academic Aesthetic 129 Video

My latest video in all it’s lack of glory!  (Wait, what?)

And here’s the poll…

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5 responses on “Academic Aesthetic 129 Video

  1. Kevin H.

    Hey Art Guy
    Thanks for the fun video. You made me laugh here in Massachusetts and I appreciate that (for what it is worth).
    PS — I will try an audio comment, too. Video … some other time.

  2. theartguy Post author

    Woohoo! I was hopeful that my strange brand of humor would make someone out there smile. :)

    Also, I think that’s the shortest amount of time I’ve ever had between posting something here and getting a response. Congrats! :D

  3. Tom Turner


    Just as funny as I remember from meeting you in Silver Spring last summer. Thanks for the laugh…enjoyed it!! I’m hoping that Steve cringes that you are ‘bringing it on!’