Academic Aesthetic Podcast 50 – PETEandC 2 of 7

Listen to the podcast!After writing up my summary of the PETE&C DEN event I noticed that it can easily be divided into 7 sections. So, rather than bombard you with a large report I’ll post one section a day this week. Short, sweet, bite-size chunks of information work much better for me, and hopefully for you as well.

Again, this is also a podcast.


During the keynote I had the pleasure of sitting next to Cristina Runkles, whose third grade class has just started podcasting. We exchanged web addresses since we were both into blogging and podcasting.

I’ve already listened to her students’ work, and it’s good stuff! Just imagine what these third graders will be capable of when they graduate, having experienced cutting edge technology at such an early level.

One response on “Academic Aesthetic Podcast 50 – PETEandC 2 of 7

  1. Cristina Runkles

    Thanks for the props about our podcast. My class works hard to put together a quality podcast. I love your encouragement to have students do the editing. I have been doing the editing thus far, but I really want to lean towards them starting to edit. How powerful! It was great to learn from you at the PETE and C Conference. Keep on doing a great job with integrating technology!