Academic Aesthetic Podcast 43

Click to play or download.In my 43rd podcast I answer questions 3 and 4 from episode 41’s “Open Interview.”

Show Notes:

I’m now a proud member of the Discovery Educator Network, also known as DEN. More information will follow in future installments.

I’m going to be running a blogging inservice in early January, and rather than give out handouts I’ve created a wiki. I’m looking for a few good editors, so if you’re up to the challenge then please take a look at what’s there already and add some of your own content. (Yes, I mentioned this before in my blog, but not everyone who listens to my podcast reads the blog so I tought it deserved a rehashing.)

I spend the rest of this podcast answering questions 3 and 4 from my “Open Interview.” I’m looking for more people to answer these questions (hint, hint…) so if you’ve got a computer and a microphone I wouldn’t mind having am audio file (or a link to your own podcast) show up in my inbox.

Oh, and don’t forget to put a pin in my Frappr Map!