MICCA Day 2 Keynote

Day 2, and the Keynote speaker is Deneen Frazier Bowen. Her presentation is apparently called “The Natives Are Restless.” I can only assume at this point that she’ll be talking about the distinction between “digital natives” and “digital immigrants,” but from a slightly different angle. (Otherwise, she wouldn’t be the Keynote.)

HA! She’s really doing a nice take on this, assuming a personality and presenting as someone else. There won’t be many people walking out early for this one.

I won’t be typing much, because with this I’ve already missed several good parts.

UPDATE: Oh wow, that Keynote speaker had some acting skills! She assumed multiple personalities, most of them of different digital natives. I don’t know if I should be happy or upset that I was able to follow along with 99% of what those personas were talking about.

The personalities were real kids. Apparently she spent months interviewing and working with kids, and today she shared their stories.

I need to see this person present again.

2 responses on “MICCA Day 2 Keynote

  1. Anonymous

    Great basic presentation of blogging at MICCA today- too bad I couldn’t have tied my principal to a chair in the room and make him listen to you! ;-)

  2. Art Guy

    Now, now, you should never do anything like that.

    Duct tape works much nicer ;)

    Seriously though, If enough teachers become interested in a subject then it’s only a mater of time before some of them become administrators. It’s not an overnight change, but education isn’t about overnight results.