Podcast 28: Moodle, Art Club, Flickr

Click to play or download.28 is great!

Now I’ve got one show for every year of my life.

Show Notes:Steve Dembo set up a moodle page for me to play with! Boo-Ya! It’s very nice and I’m sure I’ll be using it in the future, but for now Thingamablog and BlogMeister meet my needs.

Art Club will be starting soon! I’m setting up computers and scrounging/begging for more. I don’t need to beg for software, thanks to programs like FuturePaint. (Scroll down on that page to see FuturePaint. Yes, I know it says “shareware” on the page but the program’s documentation says it’s freeware.)

We’ve got a Flickr group for elementary school art projects! … wanna share?

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