Podcasting 101 Challenge

Podcast BannerThose of us who listen to podcasts already know how to get them, listen to them, and in most cases record them. Something I’ve noticed when looking around is that there’s very little documentation on podcasting that will make sense to people who go into it knowing absolutely nothing about it. What we need if we truly want to podvangelize is something like “Podcasting for Dummies” that will explain the basics without going over the heads of the more technologically impaired educators.Now I know many of us do Podcasting 101 in-services / lectures / etc. and even record them and put them online, but that still hits only two demographics: a) the people in the room with you and b) people who are already knowledgeable enough to download your podcast on podcasting. Everything else I’ve seen so far was written for us, not the people figuring out podcasting for the first time.

What I suggest is that those of us who are doing our best to explain podcasting put our knowledge in a medium that will reach the people who need it. (If it’s in print form on paper or on a web site it’s easier to distribute, right?) I made a mediocre attempt on Friday with my “Missing the Conference? Not a Problem!” post, but I’ve a feeling that others could do a much better job than I did.

So … anyone want to give it a shot?