Presented by Cindy Savio. – a way to share interactive activities for the SMART board. Showing a bunch of cool activities, some from the above site, others integrate media from Discovery Education Streaming. Cover a whole picture in a solid color, then “erase” the picture to reveal it gradually.  Since the pens write in a layer on top of the screen, the images are preserved. Drag-and-drop exercises, where students organize things (words, shapes, coins, etc.) by dragging them with their fingers. Telling time with…Continue Reading “PUWT 2008 – Session 4: Using the SMART Board – It’s Elementary!”

Presented by Allison Archer Started out with a Bob Dylan song about times and how they’re a-changin’.  Rolled right into dialogue on MySpace.  (Boo!  Hiss!)  Social Networking is cool and helpful, but MySpace gives it all a bad name. Enter: Ning – a site that allows us to build our own social networks.  Plenty of collaboration, but also plenty of control.  The presenter created a Ning for her students to share with students in Thailand. Quick mention about wikis – another way to collaborate. Now…Continue Reading “PUWT 2008 – Session 3: What’s In A Ning? Online Social Netwoks in K-12 Education”

Presented by Evylyn Quinones 1st choice was on 21st century collaboration, but presenter was a no-show.  Walked in on 2nd choice as she was showing off her Flip camera.  Never got to see the built in software before – it allows for basic editing, but also allows you to upload the video to the internet.  Even better, you can change your preferences to save the video in different formats. Moving on to her voice recorder.  Olympus WS300 – looks like David Warlick’s but I can’t…Continue Reading “PUWT 2008 – Session 2: Pocket Size Multimedia Studio”

Sitting in the front again, or at least the 3rd row. She has a website, of course. :) Today: Copy/Paste from web.  Our day: Copy from encyclopedia.  Not much different, really, but how can we change assignments so students can learn from them? Mentioning David Warlick & using a “Building Block” model. Making glyphs – using data to create personalized graphics – with younger kids. Now she’s talking about using PowerPoint in unorthodox ways.  Not so keen on PowerPoint myself, but it’s on most computers…Continue Reading “PUWT 2008 – Keynote: Tammy Worcester”

OK, I admit it, my first impression of the session was based entirely on the room.  How’s this?  They face forward to take notes, and turn around to use the computers.  The teacher can see every screen from the front of the room.  Sweet. Presenter is Danna Bell-Russel, from the Library of Congress. “Not about the site, but how to find things on the site.” Presenting with Microsoft Word – Simple, unorthodox, but effective. LOC isn’t in the business of censorship, but it does have…Continue Reading “PUWT2008 – Session 1: Treasure Hunting at the Library of Congress Online”