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Academic Aesthetic 144

Sorry for the delay, now on with the show!

Show notes:

  • Another nice audio comment by Chris Craft. Where’s your audio (or video) comment? (And yes, I haven’t edited the wiki recently for the same reason I haven’t been podcasting.)
  • To make a podcast I need time, energy, and inspiration.
  • Usually I lack inspiration, but this time I needed time and energy.
  • Inventory is done! Hooray!
  • Are there times when we replace analog technology with a digital equivalent that isn’t as good? Is digital always better? I want to hear your thoughts on this.

By theartguy

Aaron Smith is a Media Arts & Technology Teacher who spends most of his time on computers. In his free time he plays video games, edits videos, and misses his wife dearly.

One reply on “Academic Aesthetic 144”

Nice camera work! This made me laugh. Inventory drives me crazy, but it is a necessary evil. It would be nice if we have bar codes and a high-tech bar code reader to use to inventory our classrooms. This might be a good topic for a podcast episode.

I really liked you phone cast too. The change was nice. Much easier to listen to than watch on my iPod video while walking on the treadmill at the gym.

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