Academic Aesthetic 144

Sorry for the delay, now on with the show!

Show notes:

  • Another nice audio comment by Chris Craft. Where’s your audio (or video) comment? (And yes, I haven’t edited the wiki recently for the same reason I haven’t been podcasting.)
  • To make a podcast I need time, energy, and inspiration.
  • Usually I lack inspiration, but this time I needed time and energy.
  • Inventory is done! Hooray!
  • Are there times when we replace analog technology with a digital equivalent that isn’t as good? Is digital always better? I want to hear your thoughts on this.

One response on “Academic Aesthetic 144

  1. john blake

    Nice camera work! This made me laugh. Inventory drives me crazy, but it is a necessary evil. It would be nice if we have bar codes and a high-tech bar code reader to use to inventory our classrooms. This might be a good topic for a podcast episode.

    I really liked you phone cast too. The change was nice. Much easier to listen to than watch on my iPod video while walking on the treadmill at the gym.