Academic Aesthetic Podcast 56 – Surveys

Listen to the podcast!Today my 56th podcast is all about two different survey tools, Zoomerang and Survey Monkey.

I’ll go over things in more detail in the podcast, but here’s some notes I wrote down when creating my surveys as well as an image of what the survey results look like side by side (click for a larger view):

zEducation package for $350/year
login with email account
Free service allows shorter surveys
100 survey responses
see results for 10 days
Sorts templates … differently. (Business, Community, Social, Education)
Add images by uploading gif or jpg format

Pro subscription for $19.95/month OR $200/year
login with email account
100 survey responses
Have multiple pages
A variety of themes.
Add images if they’re already hosted by someone.
Taunts you with premium features.
Lists competitors