Academic Aesthetic Podcast 57 – Disruptive Laptops

Listen to the podcast!My 57th podcast touches on a theory about technology that is gaining strength among educators.

My school is handing out laptops to teachers, but not everyone’s excited. Why? Some say it’ll increase our workload.

First things the laptops will most likely be used for:

  • Grade Books
  • Lesson Planning
  • Presentations (PowerPoint) (I hint a bit about good design ideas and free alternatives here, but don’t get into it.

So where does this extra work come from? Is it because these teachers see “disruptive” technology heading their way? Maybe, but remember: Disruptive technology isn’t always a bad thing. Podcasts and blogs are disruptive, after all. (For more info, see what Wikipedia has to say about disruptive technology.)

It’s not the job of those preferring sustaining technology to change. It is our job as educators who prefer the disruptive technology to prove that the change is worth the effort.

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