Teachers all have their pet peeves, rules that are not to be broken at any cost. At this point I think I’ve taught enough Media Arts curriculum to list mine. I plan to print these out and put them on my wall for next year. Respect the intellectual property of others. (Cite sources, don’t use anything without written permission.) Black borders are to be avoided. (Video, with very specific exceptions, is a HORIZONTAL format.) Talking heads are to be avoided. (People can be on camera, but…Continue Reading “10 Commandments of Media Arts”

TL;DR: OpenShot is a free video editor that supports multiple tracks and chroma key. Try it out.   I’ve been an off-and-on-again fan of Linux for years (decades?), but one of the things that always had me come crawling back was the lack of decent video editing software. (And video games, but that’s another blog post.) (Yes I know about WINE, but it doesn’t work for everything and it adds extra steps that complicate things for younger students.) When I taught Visual Arts it wasn’t…Continue Reading “OpenShot: Open Source Video Editing”

Session 5: #Twitter4Educators, by Evylyn Quiñones Going around the room introducing ourselves and saying how comfortable we are with Twitter. I joined Twitter in March of 2007. I think I’m the old fogey here. Norms Take risks Share ideas Ask questions Have fun learning Addressing two things simultaneously: Teacher tweets and student tweets. Remember, there is a BIG audience out there. Students Family Strangers More Link sharing – URL shorteners make them manageable. Differentiating between @ and # … this is basic information, but perfect for…Continue Reading “#PUWT15 Thoughts: Session 5: #Twitter4Educators”

Session 2: Fusing Media Technology and Content in the Classroom, by Margaret Olson Starts off asking who uses social media already. One teacher is using Snapchat? Wow. David Warlick quote about technology on the 2nd slide. Oh, that takes me back. Recommends having a social media account for the class. Ratio of student/teacher content creation can vary based on the class and trust level. A great way to teach writing and language use. Students are already familiar with the technology. Video creation I love how we’re still…Continue Reading “#PUWT15 Thoughts: Session 2, Fusing Media Technology and Content in the Classroom”

Keynote: A.J. Juliani Technology “With a purpose.” “I was at a very good school district that was focused a lot on test scores” is a contradiction. “My students aren’t motivated about anything except grades!” They were motivated by a lot of things, but learning his lessons wasn’t one of those things. Started following the Google model: Students had to spend 20% of their time working on something that interested them. “How much is this worth?” “Nothing.” Everything was still standards based. Students were researching, documenting, and…Continue Reading “#PUWT15 Thoughts: Keynote, A.J. Juliani”

Session 1: Make Discussions Matter! by Jason Flanagan Presentation is online. Better yet, so is his assessment template. Started out weak. I come to sessions to be wowed. This started with “Here, read this.” Underlying concept is great. He uses a custom Google Sheet to objectively assess student led conversation and show the results in chart and pressure gauge form. I could do something similar with Class Dojo, but the data would not be presented in the same way. Which you pick would depend on…Continue Reading “#PUWT15 Thoughts: Make Discussions Matter!”