Short show, but hey I’m still keeping to my schedule! $5 Smart Phone Projector Snowflake Macro Photography All the cool things that didn’t make it into the show  

Looks like this may be a 3x per week show.  We’ll see. Show notes: Musician thinks letting people use his music for free is a crummy deal. Tech4Learning likes me. Instagram Scam. I am definitely looking for feedback and/or submissions for the show.  You can leave them as comments here or post them to my Tumblr account (anonymous posts do not require an account).

Decided to get back to my roots and start podcasting again.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up, as it certainly is fun to do. Since it’s been so long, I decided to start back at Episode 1.  All the old stuff will remain on here as “Season 1.”  Long live Season 2! Show Notes: I hate homework There’s a test for that If you make ads you should understand copyright law LittleBits Synth Kits As this is my first episode in a very…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic S2 Ep 1”

Show notes: Episode transcript (Posted to my Tumblr account)

This is an episode about problems and solutions as I look ahead to next year’s curriculum. Problem 9 week curriculum needs revising.  This is a course that can be repeated every year.  Even if I didn’t need to change the lessons to keep it interesting to ME, I would still need to change the lessons to keep it interesting to my students. Solution Change the “plot” of most projects.  Instead of building a tree using 3D Tin, build a flower (or something else)!  Projects too…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic #178: Problems and Solutions”

Last year I rewrote my curriculum to make it into a game, and doing so helped my students master the content.  This is my presentation on what I did, as given at this year’s Powering Up With Technology Conference. PUWT Conference Presentation (Hosted on Google Docs) Class page Apologies for the poor audio quality, I was projecting (using my “teacher voice”) to the participants and that tended to overwhelm my mic every time I was next to the computer.

This episode of Academic Aesthetic is brought to you by antibiotics and  cough drops.  You see, early last week a combination of lots of talking (occupational hazard of teaching), and post nasal drip caused by a sinus infection made me lose my voice.  It’s better now, but can only talk so long before my agonized squeaks become a source of amusement for all around me. So submitted for your approval is an interview of me done by Dr. Kavita Mittapalli, someone whose name I most…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic 177: 404 VOICE NOT FOUND”

So where was I? Oh yeah, games in education.  I started in Episode 174 by giving a background of what I’d done up to that point, which I suppose means that’s not when I started at all, but that’s the post I named “Part 1” so I’m just going to leave it at that. In Episode 175 I discussed my current thoughts about turning my own Middle School curriculum into a game, including several problems and solutions I’d encountered.  Some problems had multiple possible solutions,…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic 176: Games in Education Part 3”

(Music for today’s show provided by Bre Pettis.) Yesterday’s post was not meant to be as long as it was. My initial goal was the content of today’s post, but as I sat down to write it I thought I’d start with an overview of where I was coming from. Apparently a 2 paragraph introduction can be stretched into a 7 minute podcast. In any case, as I wrapped up my “story so far” it was painfully obvious that I’d crossed the fine line between…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic 175: Games in Education Part 2”

Introduction and Reasoning Those who have read my blog or listened to my podcast for any length of time are no doubt aware that I’m a fan of using games as a conduit for learning. I’m not talking about the “Educational Games” market, that will certainly dominate a large part of the Vendor area at this year’s MSET (I’m presenting again, yay!), though some of those are good too.  No, I’m talking about the games that kids (and adults)  choose to play because of compelling…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic 174: Games in Educaton Part 1”