Egg on my face

MediaSelection.jpgWhy does this image embarrass me? It’s pretty simple, really.

You see, I recently posted about my trials and tribulations when attempting to get unitedstreaming video onto my iPod.

Turns out that it wasn’t MoviesForMyPod that wasn’t working, it was me. As you can see in the illustration (click for a better view if you can’t see it) there’s an option to select Windows Media or Quicktime as a playback option.

I had switched this to Quicktime, but never refreshed the page so it was still full of .asf files. That didn’t even matter, since I spent most of my time trying various freeware programs on an .asf file I had downloaded last week.

While revisiting unitedstreaming yesterday I noticed that suddenly all the files were using quicktime suffixes because by now Firefox had refreshed.

So unitedstreaming works better than I ever thought it did. I feel silly for not noticing this before, but at least now I can put a lot more video on my iPod to show my students.

(Oh, and if you’ve been thinking of doing the same thing don’t you dare go out and buy the cable from Apple that lets you hook your iPod up to the TV. There’s a cheaper way to do it.)

2 responses on “Egg on my face

  1. Art Guy

    Unfortunately I’m not sure of any tool for Windows users that could convert the video other than Quicktime Pro, but then I haven’t done a lot of searching for PCs since I don’t use any.