Idea Hunting

PodcastEdShirtFrontI just caught up on all of my blog feeds yesterday and today I’m trying to catch up on all the podcasts I’ve got on my hard drive. (This will not be finished today, as I’ve now only gotten it down to just over 23 hours of podcasts and I will be taking a 3 hour break when Leo Laporte’s radio show comes on.)

Listening to the likes of David Warlick and Bob Sprankle has gotten me itching to record another podcast, but I won’t be doing that just yet. You see, I’m temporarily out of ideas.

Oh, I’ve got plenty of ideas, but I’ve already mentioned them in writing and in my podcasts. I don’t want to just rehash the same old concepts over again for the sake of building up the number of podcasts I’ve recorded.

So for now you won’t be getting any podcasts from me. I need to be inspired to ramble on about something first.

Maybe tomorrow, as I still have a ton of EdTechTalk podcasts to work through.