Flickr Limit

writeI had a great post written on Flickr’s 200 image limit and my debate over whether or not I should switch to a pro account. I reasoned that by switching I would get rid of that limit and my need to resize my images (that 20 MB/month limit can be a killer…), but that I’m so much of a cheapskate that it might not be worth it.

Then I noticed that I could see all 309 of my pictures, even if I wasn’t logged in.

So much for my rant!

… I think Flickr needs to update it’s FAQ.

-= UPDATE! =-

And now I can only see 200 pictures again. Why is Flickr turning the limit on and off? In light of this I’ve added my original post below.


As I’m sure you may have noticed, I’ve integrated my Flickr account into my blog and my RSS feed. Flickr is a great way to share photos, and it even has a Creative Commons section where you can find pictures that you’re allowed to use for other projects.

They offer free and paid accounts, and therein lies my problem.

You see, while the free account offers many useful services it will only display 200 pictures for you at a time. It won’t delete the old pictures, and if you’re already showing them on a blog they’ll still be visible there, but you won’t be able to get to those pictures from the Flickr site unless you pony up for a pro account.

As I’m typing this I’ve already uploaded 200+ pictures this school year. That means I can’t reference any of the artworks I uploaded last year.

Unless I get a pro account.

Which I wouldn’t mind having.

The question I need to answer is: “Is the pro account worth it?”

The geek in me wants to say yes, because the removal of an upload quota would let me post larger images and I hate resizing. The cheapskate in me is happy with the free service.

This is something I need to work out. I’ll keep you posted.