(No longer) In search of a blog

Ok, I’ve been looking at various blog engines I can use with my Art Club next year and so far I’m not happy with any of them. You see I want to have students from grades 3 thru 6 blogging about the artworks they’re working on, but since they’re so young I want to have some administrative control over what the students put on their accounts.

I’ve had a few people suggest software solutions, but I’m looking for an existing
blog service. David Warlick’s got a nice one called Blogmeister, but it’s having server problems at the moment so I’m looking for alternatives. If you’ve seen a blog service that you think might suit my needs, by all means please leave me a comment.

I’ve got a Blogmeister account set up and ready to go
. I almost can’t wait until next school year to get started! Yes I know that’s a template and I don’t think they’re editable, but the templates still look nice and the back end stuff so far seems to be very, very sweet.