10th Podcast: Spam and Kool-Aid

Click to play or download.Top ten! (If you only count my podcasts…)

Show Notes:

A Basement of Broken Dreams – An album by John Holowach, hosted on archive.org. I used his song called My Piano Sings (Part 3).

Using email to achieve a paperless system only works if your emails aren’t blocked by another teacher’s spam filter.

When podvangelizing, it’s best to break it down and keep it simple. (Does that mean you share Kool-Aid that’s been watered down?) Also, you can leave printouts from various podvangelizing websites in strategic locations (like the teacher’s lounge).

On a spur of the moment I decided to make some podvangelism banners. Feel free to move these to your own server and use them.koolaid01



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