Presented by Evylyn Quinones 1st choice was on 21st century collaboration, but presenter was a no-show.  Walked in on 2nd choice as she was showing off her Flip camera.  Never got to see the built in software before – it allows for basic editing, but also allows you to upload the video to the internet.  Even better, you can change your preferences to save the video in different formats. Moving on to her voice recorder.  Olympus WS300 – looks like David Warlick’s but I can’t…Continue Reading “PUWT 2008 – Session 2: Pocket Size Multimedia Studio”

Warning: The following podcast contains words which, when placed in a particular order, can be used to convey ideas.  People who are set in their ways should listen at their own discretion. So this weekend I actually got caught up on my audio podcasts.  This was no small achievement, as I had several gigabytes of downloaded but unplayed podcasts on my hard drive before I went to the DEN National Institute, and while there I didn’t really listen to any of them until after I…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic 166: Audio vs Video”

Wow, 160 … that’s almost a milestone, isn’t it?  I suppose I should take the time to try out something new then, huh? In any case, here’s a quick rundown on my opinions concerning Flickr’s decision to host videos: Flickr’s video hosting is to most online videos as Twitter is to most blog posts. 90 seconds is very short. If you edit well, 90 seconds can be enough. (Remember, most commercials are 60 seconds or less.) The first time I tried to cut one of…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic 160: Flickr Video”

My presentation went very well – perhaps too well, since I kept answering questions and helping people out until the session after mine was over – along with half of lunch. As I said before, that’s not exactly a complaint. I’m happy to help. I was a few minutes late coming to Will Richardson‘s last session of the day, which I’ve (sort of) seen before. I say “sort of” because like any good presenter he revises his presentations to keep them current. Last year,…Continue Reading “Podcasting and more with Will Richardson”