14th Podcast: Risks and Email

Click to play or download.It’s the 14th! Valentine’s day!

… no, wait, it’s the 14th podcast. Sorry about that.

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Show Notes:

A Basement of Broken Dreams – An album by John Holowach, hosted on archive.org. I used his song called My Piano Sings (Part 3).

If you don’t push the students you’ll always have good results, but if you push the students then they will LEARN.

When sending email about the art schedule, some messages aren’t finding their way to my gmail account. Chalk it up to computer glitch or user error, but art sign-ups were up 100 percent so I still think my system works.

Podcast Alley: Education Podcasts – Lots of good podcasts here, many of them much better than my own. I recommend casting your vote for Connect Learning (ranked 13th place), or the one for which I cast my vote: Teach42 (ranked 4th place). Either of these is worth a spot at number 1.