13th Podcast: Ratings and Performance

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Show Notes:

A Basement of Broken Dreams – An album by John Holowach, hosted on archive.org. I used his song called My Piano Sings (Part 3).

Egad! How the heck did I make 10th place in Podcast Alley’s education section? I mean, I appreciate it and all, but how did that happen? To those of you who are listening / reading this, some comments on why you keep coming back would be greatly appreciated.

I think the biggest hurdle we must overcome if we want teachers to catch on to podcasts is the fact that it’s still a little too technical. If we try to throw everything we know at someone all at once they won’t get any of it. People digest things better with small bites.

Teachers need to stop lecturing and start performing. Walk around the classroom, tell jokes, make silly voices, and so on. It may sound goofy, but if get your students’ attention then they’re more likely to learn.