Academic Aesthetic 154

logot20_podcast_300.gifThree in one week! Am I back on the ball again? We’ll see.

2 responses on “Academic Aesthetic 154

  1. Bud Hunt


    You pretty much nailed it – I think Twitter might be sucking my will (and time) to blog. Then I think maybe I want a Twitter that is a bit more interactive. Then I think maybe I should try Pownce again. Hmm . . . .did I pledge to take a break from ALL presence tools, or just Twitter?

  2. theartguy Post author

    I think you’d encounter the same blog-sapping experience on Pownce. More so, because it’s a better service. (But I won’t go into that here, I’ve already blogged about it.)

    In fact, I’m surprised I managed to churn out 3 podcasts this week. Most of what I had to say could easilly have just been posted on Pownce.