Both accounts were reportedly suspended for copyright violations stemming from their use of GIFs of NFL game. Source: Twitter reportedly suspends Deadspin and SB Nation accounts over NFL GIFs Long story short, copyright is serious business. I’ve no love for the NFL for many reasons that I won’t rehash in this post, but it looks like they’re claiming that footage from their broadcasts turned into GIF form for twitter doesn’t equate to “fair use,” even if done by a news outlet, and there’s a good…Continue Reading “Twitter reportedly suspends Deadspin and SB Nation accounts over NFL GIFs”

Hold onto your seats: there may soon be game-changing breakthroughs in image sensors that could take low-light photography to whole new levels. Source: CMOS Inventor Working on Gigapixel Sensor That Can Detect Single Photons This sounds really cool for a lot of reasons, but remember that the sensor might as well be out of a budget smart phone if you can’t hold it steady or focus on your subject. What are the chances that the first person to use the new sensor has their thumb…Continue Reading “CMOS Inventor Working on Gigapixel Sensor That Can Detect Single Photons”

Normally I have videos of me playing games OR audio recordings of me talking about education. This time I combined them to see how it would go. This is the result. Today’s topics: Next year’s supply list. Why Beats are a waste of money. Google Drive & Google Apps For Education (GAFE) Are awesome. Snakes. Student tech can be better than school tech. Requiring students to have their own tech runs into the “Digital Divide.” “Loaner” tech is needed in a BYOT (Bring Your Own Tech) environment….Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic Brain Dump 1”

The inspiration for today’s braindump brought to you by the following tweet from the one and only Will Richardson: “Outside the Skinner Box” Must read from @garystager #edchat #edreform #cpchat #satchat — Will Richardson (@willrich45) December 19, 2014 Full disclosure, I have a Wordle project in my repertoire and I use it often. It is ideal for teaching students how to save documents, how to copy/paste, how to create screen captures, and how to crop images in GIMP. It is a one day…Continue Reading “Moving Target Technology”

Today’s episode was recorded on the drive home. No script, no notes in front of me (because “eyes-on-the-road,” obviously…), and plenty of engine noises from my own vehicle and those around me that Audacity’s “Noise Removal” filter couldn’t do enough to remove.

(If you’re new here, most of my podcasts are not recorded like this.  I’m just pressed for time this week, so I multi-tasked on the way home.)


  • Throw stuff at the wall, see what sticks.
    • My hashtag idea didn’t stick.
    • Learning by doing sticks.
    • Turning a school event into a media production project sticks.
    • The “Undo” command sticks, because it means things don’t have to stick. (Wait, what?)
    • A willingness to take bad photos allows a few good photos to stick.
    • Google Drive for student use? Sticks. It REALLY sticks.

In today’s episode, I have opening night jitters.

Show Notes:

Today’s episode is about social interactions, for good or for ill.

Show Notes:

  • EdBean Podcast
    • 3 teachers discussing a variety of teaching strategies.
    • Conversation is frequently NOT about the tech, but about best practices.
    • Most recent episode from last month. Assumption is the padcast is still active.
  • “Don’t feed the trolls,” but what if they feed themselves?
    • (NSFW due to language.)
    • Written by Kathy Sierra, reposted on with permission.
    • Some people (mostly women) reach a status of recognition amongst trolls where they have no recourse.
      • Abandon social media, trolls win.
      • Ignore them, their antics escalate until they cannot be ignored.
      • Fight back, they escalate. See above.
  • #MDEduTech chat sessions
    • Start 10/20/2014
    • Every Monday @ 7PM EST
    • Target audience is Maryland teachers with an interest in technology, but we won’t chase you away.
    • First topic will be Digital Citizenship

I’ve been thinking for a while about so-called “echo chambers.” We tend to gravitate towards people with similar tastes and ideas to our own.  This of course is only natural – if someone thinks the same way we think, we’re going to like them more. If we like them, why wouldn’t we want to hang out with them? The problem that stems from this is that when the only thoughts you hear mirror your own, you sometimes begin to think that those are what everyone…Continue Reading “Academic Aesthetic S2 Ep 10: Echo Chamber”

In today’s episode I discover why I should click on links BEFORE I start recording.  (And better yet, before I try to use them in class.) Seriously. X-Rays of (D)SLR lenses Awesome quote by Will Richardson All the cool things that didn’t make it into the show

In today’s episode I do not cry. Seriously. The textbook prices are too darned high! Rules For A Scientist’s Life Free, web based (almost) photoshop All the cool things that didn’t make it into the show