Podcast 34: Lifelong Learning

Click to play or download.This is not my 34th podcast, it’s my 5th attempt at my 29th podcast.

Show Notes:On 9/14/05, Will Richardson Wrote:

I was talking with a math teacher who is a part of our pilot, and he told me that in the course of his lesson on Monday he used a term that was unfamiliar to his students. Rather than simply give them a definition, he modeled his own practice by having his students watch as he went from the OneNote page he was projecting via his tablet, opened up a browser, surfed over to Wikipedia, looked up the definition, and started a discussion about not only the math but about the workings of the site. Now I would bet that only a handful of teachers would model that same process.

Mr. Richardson was excited about this story, and I agree it was totally awesome when I read about it myself. It’s a total shame that today’s teachers often focus on passing on the information more than passing on the methods used to obtain that information. I don’t think this is any individual’s fault, but rather it’s residual inertia left over from an era where one could succeed in the “real world” without being a lifelong learner.

This is a new millennium, and we must begin to teach in a way that will help our students also be their own teachers.

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