Session 4

I’m blogging from the conference, so forgive any format problems. (You may notice that I skipped sessions 2 and 3. That’s because I was a presenter for those.)

Digital Camera Basics for the Innovator Educator
Shiliey Upchurch

I walked in a little late because I was answering questions at my own session on blogging and podcasting, but it seems she was showing an example of how she used her own digital photographs in a classroom setting.

Hm, she was on a budget, so she bought most of her cameras from Ebay. A good idea for me? Maybe. I’ve been burned by Ebay before.

Now she’s showing everything that comes with a camera and different photo albums. I’m a little disappointed that she’s not talking about the different photography websites, but I’m glad she’s showing all of the other things you can do besides throwing them online.

Ok, now we’re getting into a slideshow made by a student using PowerPoint. Not bad, since I first thought it had been created using Photostory.

Now I want to go through all of my permission slips again. It seems she accidentally took a picture of a student that the parents didn’t want photographed. Fortunately it only led to lots of paperwork, but that in itself is enough to be extra careful.

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