PUWT Keynote

Blogging from the conference right now. I’ll add the links later.

Keynote Speaker: Susan Brooks-Young
Web-Based Tools of the Trade: What Does Web 2.0 Offer Educators?

All her notes are online! Woohoo!

Most kids are using technology more than most teachers. Except for interactive whiteboards, but those mirror tech that we’re used to.

She’s equating tech use with driving. We teach students how to drive, but are we showing them how to use the web? How to IM safely? I’m glad she’s talking about this.

We’re going basic here: Web 2.0 is the collection of online resources that allow you to be interactive – she’s including software and hardware.

She’s starting right off with blogs, yay! (I hope she doesn’t steal all of my thunder… I’m presenting on blogs in the third session.)

Schools in Hunterton New Jersey have abandoned their traditional web sites in favor of blogs.

Plug for Mr. Kuropatwa!

Plug for Will Richardson!

This is good – I can skip over this information and get more into the nitty gritty during my own presentation.

Flickr Account: sjbrooks-young … but she doesn’t have any public photos …
She’s covering Creative Commons now (at least as far as it relates to Flickr…). There goes a portion of my PowerPoint presentation.

We have YouTube blocked, but students in China, one of the most restrictive countries in the world, are using it in the classroom. Wow.

Here comes the podcasting info!

Wired Magazine recently rated edu-podcasts, interesting.

Plug for Odeo. I still like Podserve for my own hosting, though.

Social Bookmarking:

Plug for del.icio.us

Bloglines plug – there goes my secret weapon for my blog presentation! Looks like she’s picking apart my presentations bit by bit. I can’t complain too much, though – these are things I think people should know about and she’s reaching a much wider audience.

I’m glad I left the option in my own presentations to stand there and answer questions. I may have to do just that.

Plugs for Skype and Wesley Fryer (of Moving at the Speed of Creativity fame).

AirSet – never heard of this site. It has a blog, a calendar, and a bunch of other tools. It’s password protected so it can be a safe way for groups to interact online.

She has a pbwiki!

Nice, she just singled me out because I kept raising my hand every time she asked “How many of you do this…?” My ego knows no bounds. :-D

Plug for Google Docs and Spreadsheets. I’ve yet to use this program, but only because I haven’t had a need to do so. I’m such a bandwagon jumper though, so now I’m trying to think of what I could do.

gliffy – not quite Inspiration, but it’s free.


Create A Graph – takes data from spreadsheets and creates graphs.

zotero – research organization tool. I like the features in Furl.net, I think there’s some crossover here.

Plug for Second Life. I was bitten by the 2nd Life bug once, but I’m not so sure it’s the best resource.

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2 responses on “PUWT Keynote

  1. Susan Brooks-Young

    I hope you’ll post Furl.net and Podserve on the wiki.

    I’m betting that your presentation went really well. I think it’s great that you spent time on sites I glossed over. With that bit of awareness-level-raising from the keynote, the folks who came to your session should have been able to dig right in to your material.

    Thanks for coming this morning!