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Podcasting and more with Will Richardson

My presentation went very well – perhaps too well, since I kept answering questions and helping people out until the session after mine was over – along with half of lunch. As I said before, that’s not exactly a complaint. I’m happy to help.

I was a few minutes late coming to Will Richardson‘s last session of the day, which I’ve (sort of) seen before. I say “sort of” because like any good presenter he revises his presentations to keep them current. Last year, Ustream.tv didn’t exist – or at least most people hadn’t heard of it. His wiki handout, the same address as last year, has likewise been updated.

Heh, he’s showcasing the Cog Dog himself.

Now discussing screencasts. There are a few free ways to do that, including Jing. Jing is very easy to use, but saves everything in a format that I’ve yet to figure out how to edit. People have suggested using Zamzar.com, but not even tat wonder of file conversion can help me.

Went to his Ustream chat room to ask for links to resources. Very cool.

(Went up t osay “hi” afterwards, and once again Mr. Richardson recognized me. My ego knows no bounds.)