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19 Facts, 1 Lie

This was inspired partially by Steve Dembo’s little trivia post, but mostly by famed webcartoonist & adventurer Ryan Estrada. Granted, Mr. Estrada’s are much more fanciful, but I still like my list. See if you can guess which one is false! And yes, I know some of these do make me sound a bit full of myself (assuming they’re true). However, I think there are some embarrassing ones in there as well (assuming they’re true). (After this we’ll return to my irregularly scheduled education / technology / art podcasts. I have one half written.)

  1. Not a clue...or is it?I was born without tonsils. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  2. I was also born with my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. The lack of oxygen at this crucial point may explain #19 on this list. Well, it explains a LOT of things.
  3. There is footage of me getting attacked by a goat. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  4. On my first real date ever I locked my keys in the car with the engine running. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  5. An astronaut once signed my hall pass. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  6. I once had a high school teacher tell my class “Oh yeah, my wolves came home last night.” He wasn’t joking.
  7. I have climbed up one side of a mountain and down the other. More than once.
  8. I once forgot to take off my glasses while cliff diving, and spent the rest of that week long vacation without them. I am legally blind without my glasses. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  9. I once accidentally erased my college advisor’s computer hard drive. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  10. After an ATM machine ate my debit card, I walked several miles through over a foot of snow to get it back from the bank. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  11. I once met former president Gerald Ford, but at the time I was too young to understand why it was a big deal. My parents still tease me for that. [FALSE! See the comments.]
  12. I once pointed to a student’s HTML code and said “There’s your problem, you used two apostrophes instead of one quotation mark.” I was right. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  13. After all those art classes, I still don’t hold my pencil correctly. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  14. My father is the son of a carpenter from Nazareth. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  15. I have taught every grade level there is in the U.S. educational system.
  16. In college I started not one, but two international writing clubs.
  17. I have been interviewed on the news more than once. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  18. As a child when I fell off of my grandmother’s porch railing and broke my wrist, I was berated for misbehaving and not taken to the hospital for 24 hours. [TRUE! See the comments.]
  19. I gave up a department chair position to teach art on a cart in not one but four schools, and considered it a step up.
  20. I am a fourth generation teacher.

Ok, so there are the facts … sort of. Remember, one of them isn’t true. The question is, which one?