9th Podcast: Paperless, RAM, and a Printmaker

Click to play or download.Here we are on cloud nine, even if it does get a little staticy at the end.

Shownote Links:

A Basement of Broken Dreams – An album by John Holowach, hosted on archive.org. I used his song called My Piano Sings (Part 3).

Having teachers email me their paperwork works nicer than having them hand me paper, and I get the same participation rate.

When installing RAM, make sure you do it right the first time. Also, when you don’t have a deadline and a project begins to annoy you, just walk away for a while.

Intaglio and Mezzotint Etchings – The website of a Resident Printmaker and instructor at the Montpelier Cultural Arts Center in Laurel, Maryland.

Podcast Alley: Education Podcasts – C’mon, you know you want to vote for me … right?