2nd Podcast

Click to play or download.[EDIT: I’ve moved this mp3 file to archive.org and changed the link to match the new location.]Looks like I didn’t learn my lesson – here’s my second podcast in all it’s glory! (And it’s a day early, no less!) It’s much shorter this time, so it only came to 12.3 MB.

It also looks like practice makes perfect. I still flub things here and there, but I heard fewer “ums” and unintelligible dialogue this time around.

This time through I stuck to my notes, discussing my quest for a Linux server, my school’s multimedia multicultural extravaganza, and the start of a multimedia club for next year.

Shownote Links:

acapulco sunset – A song by Martin Sarna, hosted on archive.org

Archive.org – All kinds of media with all kinds of licenses.

Teach42.com: The web site of Steve Dembo – the man, the myth, and my inspiration for podcasting.

How to install Knoppix on a hard drive.

Linux Home Networking – tips, tricks, and forums for help.

Distrowatch.com – Linux versions galore, and information about them.

Ourmedia.org – Have a large file you want stored somewhere, but don’t have the space on your own server? Check this place out.

YaGoohoo!gle – It’s Google, it’s Yahoo! Stop, you’re both right!