A Few Good Games

I want to make my art club site a little more fun, so I’m trying to find some games I can add (among other things).

My Dreamhost account gives me unlimited MySQL databases and lots of space, so games that need that are fair game.

I don’t just want to put any old activities on my server, though.  This weekend I’ve been trying to find games that are fun, educational, open source, and KID SAFE.  I’ve actually found a couple of open source games written in PHP, but one of them was overly complicated and the other one was not in my opinion appropriate for students.  (Although it was still more tame than any of the GTA games, but that’s besides the point.)

So I thought I’d ask you, my more-or-less loyal subscriber base.  Do you know where I might find some web-based games I could host on my server?