Academic Aesthetic 142

This should have gone up yesterday, but instead I went to see a movie with the wife.

For some reason theaters frown at customers using laptops during the movie, even though they only tell you to turn off your cell phones and pagers. They said nothing about laptops! They should be allowed, right?  Um, they didn’t think so.

Ahem … well, in any case, on with the show.

  • There is always someone who will resist new technology.
  • If there isn’t enough buy-in, even the best technology will fail. (BETA was better than VHS…)
  • By being enthusiastic users of technology, we can encourage holdout teachers to try it themselves.
  • I’m still looking for audio and video comments to include in my podcasts.  If the web interface doesn’t work for you, you can always email it to me instead.  That way you can include your own background music, special effects, or whatever.
  • Wondering what happened to the audio only version?  I’ve started posting them over on PodServe.

4 responses on “Academic Aesthetic 142

  1. Paul Harrington

    Hi Aaron great to speak to you last night in the nextgen skypeconference – I have posted a podcast of the discussion on my blog ( Joe Dale will have done so also as may others!!!!) – I was taking a look at my ‘new friend’s blog’ and love your recent post – I hope that it is ok for me to link to it from my blog – great work – Paul ( trying not to justify my existence – I really can’t be bothered!!! lol)

    Best Wishes

  2. theartguy Post author

    I never mind links from other blogs, especially those from other teachers! I enjoyed our conversation as well – I only wish I could have stayed online longer.

  3. Casey Hales


    Went and looked at PodServe, was disappointed they were not taking new “clients”. Any suggestions for similar sites? They recommended another host but it wasn’t free and free is good. :)


  4. theartguy Post author


    If I wasn’t using Podserve, I would be using Gcast. They do a lot of the same stuff for the same (free) price, and in some cases are a better service.

    Hope that helps!