Academic Aesthetic Podcast 103

Even responses to other blogs can be blog entries, so why aren’t you blogging, yet?

(Today’s podcast was inspired becuase so many people liked the PowerPoint that Karl Fisch made. I had absolutely nothing to do with it other than linking to it.)

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2 responses on “Academic Aesthetic Podcast 103

  1. Margo in Virginia

    You have a good point. I need to get started blogging more entries even if I’m not sure what I have to offer as far as wise insights.

    My students will fuel my insights and ponderings.
    Blessings as you keep pushing us educators out of our comfort zones and into the 21st century.

    Margo in Virginia

  2. Karl Fisch

    Hmm, you say if you link to people’s blogs they’re likely to come read your blog? Does that really happen? :-)

    I, too, have had a hard time convincing some of my teachers of the power of reflecting through blogging. That it’s not so much the deep insights they might offer, or even the great links they might provide, but the very act of reflecting that’s important. That it not only helps them improve as a teacher, but it models for their students (and other teachers for that matter) this concept of “life-long learning” we’re always talking about. If we think it’s so important for our students, why aren’t we modeling it for them?