Academic Aesthetic Podcast 69

Click to listenI’ve been putting some thought into my mini lessons.

If you’ve been subscribed to my site for a while then you’ve seen the five short videos I’ve done to teach different projects that I thought were neat and / or unique.

You’ve also noticed that I haven’t done any for quite some time.

I could tell you that it’s because I haven’t had the time. After all, it takes a lot longer to process video than it does to process audio. I could also say that some computer problems a while back caused a long delay, as I had to install a new hard drive and do a reinstall or three this year.

These are all partially true reasons, but none of them is the real one.

The truth is, I’ve been lazy and uninspired.

But I have an idea. I want to do some more mini lessons next year, but instead of my own ideas I think I’ll get the Art Club involved.

Students have a lot of cool ideas, and I’d love to give them a format to share them. I already tried it this year with a podcast, but if I start early enough next year I should be able to get several episodes out each marking period.

I think I’ll stick with the same format, however – and by that I mean with the camera focussed on the art project and the student sitting out of sight. I think they’ll feel much more comfortable if they know that they don’t have to be in front of the camera, and with my concerns for student safety, I’ll feel much more comfortable then them because of the same thing.

Who knows? At the end I might even be able to hand out CDs with all of that year’s mini lessons burned onto them as a keepsake. We’ll see how that turns out.