Academic Aesthetic Podcast 73

Click to listenToday I talk about the third and final part of my summer listening list: “Radio Leo.”

Hello to everyone, and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dembo . For more details, head over to

Next week I plan to be podcasting from the Northeast Regional DEN Event at Valley Forge, but today I’d like to continue with my summer listening list.

The first true podcast (as in audio distributed via an RSS feed) I ever listened to was Leo Laporte’s weekend radio show, “The Tech Guy on KFI.” Far from limiting himself, Mr. Laporte has expanded his domain to a variety of podcasts that usually update on a weekly basis. All of them are centered on technology, but each has a different cohost and covers a different aspect of it.

My favorites include:

  • This Week in Tech (the flagship podcast, where Leo and others discuss the tech news from the past week)
  • Inside the Net with Amber MacArthur (Amber interviews people from different web based companies)
  • Security Now with Steve Gibson (guess what this one’s about)
  • The Daily Giz Wiz with Dick DeBartolo (this one has little educational value, but it’s so darn fun so I still like it)

Mr. Laporte does maintain a website where you can subscribe to his podcasts individually, along with one RSS feed called “Radio Leo.” That one’s my choice, because it includes all of his podcasts in a single RSS feed.