Academic Aesthetic Podcast 83

Click to listenIn this episode I touch on the highlights of the DEN National Leadership Conference.

Work and PlayIt’s been over 72 hours since the National Leadership Conference ended, but I’ve still brought a lot of the event home with me. Most noticeable are the aches and pains from being more active than I’m used to, but also a perpetually running nose that forces me to sniffle at odd times. I guess my body’s trying to prove to my mind that it’s not young anymore, but don’t worry – my mind is still thoroughly unconvinced.

We all had so much fun last week that I doubt I could fit all the details into one of the short podcasts I enjoy doing, so let’s see if I can just touch on the highlights. I’ll go into more depth in future podcasts if the mood strikes me.

Hangin' at the reception.On Monday night we had a reception where we met old friends and made new ones.

On Tuesday we were reminded that (Dem)Bo knows podcasting, barbecue on the roof is fun, and moonlight tours of DC are awesome.

(Dem)bo knows... First Time Podcaster Rooftop Bar-B-Q Reflection pool and reflection

Crazy Mind Meets Great MindOn Wednesday we hung out with Josh Wolff (the Discovery Educator Abroad) and got to see the first episode of Discovery Atlas before anyone else, not including the producers.

InterviewOn Thursday Alan November gave us a presentation, then we ran around DC to work on our projects and then returned to learn about Discovery’s Global Education Partnership. At the end of the day we went bowling, and one of us wore the rental shoes back to the hotel.

On Friday we showed off our group projects, bid each other fond farewells, and headed home.

Look out, world!Overall the conference was awesome, and while I wasn’t sure if I myself would learn anything new, I’m pleased to say that I did.

If you want to learn more about what happened at the National Leadership Conference I’d check out and the many DEN staff blogs.

Oh yeah – I also did a guest blogging spot on the Maryland DEN blog, so if you have the time you might want to read that as well. Trust me, it’s not redundant.

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