Academic Aesthetic Podcast 96

After four frenzied days of preparing for students next week, teachers in my county have been given today off so that we might be tan, rested, and ready come Monday morning.

Well, I don’t get much sun so I’m not tan. And I tend to stay up too late so I’m not rested. But I’m ready! No, really!

Much of what I’ll be doing will be the same as last year, with me reinforcing the other curriculums with my lessons. The big changes will be in my Art Club.

The music teacher in my base school will be helping out again this year, but instead of something random every week she suggested that we put on a combination art show and concert. I was simultaneously thrilled with the idea and embarrassed that I hadn’t suggested it myself, but oh well.

So while she’s teaching the drama and chorus portions of the art club to groups of 15 kids, I’ll be teaching the visual arts portions and having the students work towards producing artworks they feel are worthy of showcasing in the spring. With us staying after school two nights a week, we’ll have 60 students to work with. That’ll give us quite a large show, and I look forward to the challenge.

Another added bonus is that we have some money left over from last year. It’s only $300, but that’s enough to buy several half-decent digital cameras if you shop around and don’t need 15 megapixel digital SLR cameras complete with macro, wide angle, and telephoto lenses. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to snag some cameras that can record video in addition to stills, but we’ll cross that bridge when I go shopping.

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