Art Club 2.0


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OK, Personal Learning Network, I’d like to run an idea past you.

In the past I’ve made attempts to get my Art Club members blogging, but never got a lot of significant buy-in. This was partially because (following my ADD nature) I kept introducing the students to so many different media and projects that we spent very little time in front of a computer.

This is not a complaint. I made my choice for where to devote my time and energy, and I got good results from those projects. But now I’d like to revisit this newfangled blogging thing and see where it takes me.

So here’s my idea: Every time the Art Club meets I want them to write a blog post. Some might be critiques of the artwork of others, some might be explanations of their own artwork (scanned or photographed and placed on the blog, of course…), and some might be responses to other blog posts. These will be 3rd through 6th graders (maybe just 5th & 6th graders), so the blog posts will be moderated, but just like last year’s theme was photography, this year’s theme will be blogging.

I might include other things along the way – maybe some movie or image editing with either built-in software or free websites, but I don’t want to do any project that would keep a student from writing something every week.

So what do you think? Is this a god idea? Bad? Is there anything you’d add or leave out?

One response on “Art Club 2.0

  1. A. Mercer

    Hmm, how about online art sites/ activities to also get things going? There are some great sites like the NYMOMA site, I love the Haring Kids site, and Larry Ferlazzo listed the National Gallery site. Also my kids LOVED myoats, which is a great lesson on symmetry.