At MICCA, before it starts.

Taken with Photo BoothI’m sitting here at my Podcasting Booth, which is unfortunately right next to the conference bookstore. I say “unfortunately” because, as a bookworm, I’ve already found two that I will be buying as soon as they officially open. It’s like those books held a vaccum cleaner up to my wallet and sucked the money right out!

… I have no willpower at all.

Here’s my assessment of what’s going on so far.

+Only took 7 minutes to realize that the horrible beeping noise I was hearing at 4AM this morning was my alarm going off. That’s not much earlier than my usual wake-up time, but it usually takes longer for me to get out of my more primitive “ART GUY SMASH SNOOZE BUTTON!” stage of regaining consciousness.

+Found a good parking spot in a garage right next to the conference hall.

-After trying two other parking lots.

-And it’ll cost almost $30. Ouch.

-When I got here Registration had no list with my name on it.

-Nor did they know where the podcasting booth was.

+A few minutes later they got their computers up and were able to answer both questions.

+Kathy Schrock signed in right next to me.

+She recognized me.

-This boosted my already overinflated ego.

+The wifi for the conference is working.

-For now.

So all things considered, I’d say I’m off to a good start. There are a few obstacles, but most of them are either already resolved or will be soon.

More to follow…

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