Before the 1st session

HPIM3547.JPGI’m at what will be my first session of the day: “Making Better Readers with Digital Photography.” Once again I’m in range of a strong WiFi signal, but this time it’s password protected so I’ll have to save this summary for later. As an added bonus I’m even close to a wall outlet! (No more putting my laptop to sleep between each burst of writing. Curse you, old battery!)

I hope the network isn’t encrypted when I present tomorrow, or at the very least I hope they share the password with me. I have a “Plan B” worked into my presentation just in case, but I’d much prefer to do everything live.

UPDATE: The password protection’s been dropped. Boo-ya!

I’m hoping to get a few good things out of this one although they’ll have to close the giant picture window behind the projector screen. Even if we could see the visual aides with this much light in the room, we’d all be looking out the window instead. (You can see the National Aquarium from here.)