Before Wednesday’s Keynote

You know you’ve gone to a lot of tech conferences when Hall Davidson (he took my picture, but he took LOTS of pictures) and Will Richardson (he promised to cancel his session that was competing with my own … I’m sure he was joking … I think.) both recognize you.  That being said, I still wish we had a few more of these within driving distance of where I live.

My only gripe so far is that the free wifi which MICCA brags about pioneering seems to have gone down.  The signal taunts me, occasionally jumping from one bar to a full signal, but even at full strength it isn’t really letting me connect to the outside world.

Mr. Richardson showed me an external card from Verizon that gives him wifi almost anywhere, even when no one else has access.  To be honest, I’d invest in that of these conferences were a more regular occurrence for me.

I’m not worried about my own presentation, though.  Granted, my first choice is to show off the free resources wiki, but if I can’t get online I have a PowerPoint with the same info and if that falls through I’ve got al the slides on my iPod.  If I need more than a “Plan C,” then it’s not my job to fix the problem.

While I was typing they were presenting awards to the students who won the annual art contest.  Every year it’s nice to see some of the stuff that students are capable of churning out using tools that didn’t exist 20 years ago when I was their age.

I feel old now.