Build My Presentation!

bwcamera.gifAs I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be presenting at next weekend’s Powering Up With Technology conference. My topic of choice this year involves using cameras in the classroom.

Any classroom.

Now I’ve used cameras to help me teach all kinds of subject areas, and I have ideas for even more ways to use them, but I also know a lot of you have used digital cameras in your classrooms in ways that I haven’t.

So I would like your input. If you have a moment, please check out my Digital Photography in Any Classroom wiki and see what I’ve left out.

I’m not asking for you to complete everything, of course, but if you have a lesson idea that worked well I’d love to hear about it. Hey, if the results of that lesson (or at least an example) are posted online, why not just add in a link to wherever they are?

I fully intend to continue editing this wiki up until (and including) (and past) the day of my presentation, but I would love to stand up there and tell my audience that the resource I’m providing was not just written by myself.

One response on “Build My Presentation!

  1. A. Mercer

    I am still having my sixth graders finish their first film project using Kodak digitals to take video, and still photos to make a PSA for perseverance. I may be done by next weekend or have a product of some sort. I’ll let you know. I have other plans in the works (stop actions to show shadow clocks and another to show graphing of linear equations.