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Academic Aesthetic 136 Video

Episode 136 already? It seems like I only started 135 episodes ago!

Show Notes:

Academic Aesthetic 135 Video

Twitter vs. Jaiku:  Who do I think will win?  Watch the video to find out!

Academic Aesthetic 132 Video

My latest show is a call for would-be podcasters to start podcasting.


(And don’t forget to send me some audio or video comments!)

Academic Aesthetic 130 Video

  Here’s my latest rambling, where I talk about the definition of art and how it relates to education.

…Ok, you got me – this is a response to Dave LaMorte.  I also make a plug for the Artchive.

Academic Aesthetic 129 Video

My latest video in all it’s lack of glory!  (Wait, what?)

And here’s the poll…

Create polls and vote for free.

Academic Aesthetic 127 Video

It’s been far too long since my last episode – Here’s the video version of some news that’s happened in the interim.

  • I’m presenting at MICCA!
  • Free Online Resources Wikki! (The handout for my MICCA presentation)
  • Ning is less annoy-ning!
  • My PowerBook’s mic works again! I don’t know why, but I’m not asking too many questions.
  • Anime Studio is a fun animation program. Like Flash, but without the price tag.

Academic Aesthetic Netcast 126 (fixed)

I might have a snow day tomorrow, but I don’t want one. Why? Because I enjoy what I do too much to stay home!

What do YOU do to make your classes fun?